10 Bloody Films to Have a Juicy Halloween

Halloween is here, so make sure to add some rolling heads, stabby knives, and lots of blood to make it nice and juicy.

By Raymond Arcega
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Halloween is here!
That means it’s time for the long celebrated tradition of marathon watching. This year, while everyone is sure to indulge in scary horror movies, we decided to create a list of recommendations centered around one theme: blood.

So prepare for showers of blood, removable limbs, and piles upon piles of corpses. Some of these films will make you laugh. Some will make you cringe. Some may make you question your choices in life. But one thing is for sure – it’s going to be one fun juicy Halloween.

10. The Machine Girl (2008/Japan)


The Machine Girl is a splatter-gore masterpiece by renowned genre director Iguchi Noboru. The film stars gravure idol Yashiro Minase, and former adult film performers Asami and Honoka.

This is a revenge story about a girl (Yashiro) who seeks payback against the yakuza family who killed her younger brother. In her first attempt, her hand gets cut off. But, she replaces her hand with a machine gun, and returns to wreck havoc.

9. Tokyo Gore Police (2008/Japan & USA)


Directed by Nishimura Yoshihiro, Tokyo Gore Police combines splatter-gore with awesome and bizarre special effects. The film stars Shiina Eihi, who made waves with her lead role in the Miike Takashi film Audition.

Taking place in an apocalyptic world where a virus turns humans into monsters called “Engineers”. Engineers are creatures whose bodies create weapons when they get injured or mutilated. Shiina is a police officer trained to fight these monsters, but things get chaotic when she turned into one.

8. Deadball (2011/Japan)


Blending sports, comedy, and splatter-gore, Yamaguchi Yudai brings us this bizarre tale of redemption and the underdog. Deadball stars legendary martial arts and B-movie actor Sakaguchi Tak, so we know we’re in for a treat.

Sakaguchi plays Jubei – a juvenile criminal arrested for killing 50 people. He gets sent to the Pterodactyl Juvenile Reformatory, where the warden forces the young bad boy into participating in the institution’s baseball team. Jubei refuses, vowing never to play baseball again after accidentally killing his father with his super-powered pitch. However, Jubei agrees to join after the warden threatens to kill his cellmate. The team’s first opponents are the female psycho killers from St. Black Dahlia High School.

7. As The Gods Will (2014/Japan)


Of course, we would feature a Miike Takashi film here. The director, known for his bizarre, yet engrossing films, brings to us this adaptation of the equally strange manga. As The Gods Will stars upcoming stars Fukushi Sota, Yamazaki Hirona, Kamiki Ryunosuke, and Sometani Shota.

One normal day at high school, a not-so-normal chain of events start to happen when a daruma-san falls on the teacher’s head, causing it to explode. Fukushi and friends find themselves in a game of death, in which one wrong move would result in their immediate demise. After clearing the first game, the kids are horrified to find out that there are more bloody challenges that await them.

6. Gun Woman (2014/Japan)


Directed by Mitsutake Kurando, Gun Woman is a bloody revenge flick starring B-movie superstar Asami. A notable part of Gun Woman is that Asami spends the latter half of the film in the nude, but really showing her stuff as an action performer. The film stars a numerous amount of non-Japanese talent, and is also spoken in English as much as it is in Japanese. The film also stars Narita Kairi and Kamata Noriaki.

A doctor (Narita) swears to exact revenge against a wealthy gangster (Kamata) for raping and killing his wife. The good doctor, called Mastermind, finds a junkie on the edge of death (Asami), reforms and trains her to be a master of bullets and fists. They start a plan to sneak her into the facility where the gangster will be, with her gun and ammo sewn into her flesh. Once she’s in, after removing her guns, she has to hurry and eliminate her targets, or risk dying from bleeding out.

5. Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (2002/Korea)


The first film in director Park Chan-wook’s famous The Vengeance Trilogy, preceding Oldboy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Though not as renowned as Oldboy, Mr. Vengeance is on this list because it is the bloodiest of the three. The film stars Shin Ha-kyun, Bae Doona, and Song Kang-ho in the lead roles.

Ryu (Shin) is a deaf-mute who needs money for his sister’s kidney transplant, but is unable to pay for the procedure because of being fired from his job. He makes an arrangement with a black market organ dealer, in exchange for his severance pay and one of his kidneys, to get a compatible one. However, the dealer makes off with both the money and kidney. Ryu’s girlfriend (Bae) convinces him to get money by kidnapping the daughter of his ex-boss’s friend and demanding ransom.

4. Battle Royale (2000/Japan)


Based on the 1999 novel of the same name, Battle Royale is a traumatizing film by director Fukasaku Kinji. Starring Kitano Takeshi, Fujiwara Tatsuya, and Maeda Aki, this story of an dark alternate-Japan was controversial in so many ways, sparking as much disgust and disdain as it did praise.

In the story’s Japan, the BR Act was created because of how unruly the youth have become. Fujiwara and Maeda’s middle school class was chosen to compete in the annual Battle Royale, which pits every classmate against each other in a fight for survival. The only way out of this to kill until there is only one person left standing.

3. Suicide Club (2002/Japan)


A unique story that only director Sono Sion can tell, Suicide Club is a film not for the faint of heart. The film attracted a lot of attention at film festivals because of its dark subject matter and gory presentation. The film stars Ishibashi Ryo, Nagase Masatoshi, and Maro Akaji.

The story starts with 54 high school girls jumping off the platform at Shinjuku Station onto train tracks, and ultimately getting crushed by the incoming train. This starts off a chain of seemingly unrelated suicides, sending three detectives into action. They have to discover the truth behind these suicides before it’s too late.

2. I Saw The Devil (2010/Korea)


From acclaimed director Kim Jee-woon, who has created many successful Korean films, I Saw The Devil is a bloody story of revenge, and the darkness that consumes the good man who seeks it. The film stars two superstars in Choi Min-sik and Lee Byung-hun.

Kyung-chul (Choi) is a bus driver by day, but serial killer in the shadows. One night, he stumbles upon a woman stranded in the road because of a flat tire. He kidnaps her into his bus, takes her back home, and dismembers her. Soo-hyun (Lee) is an NIS agent, and the fiancé of the woman Kyung-chul murdered. He vows to find her murderer, and use any means necessary.

1. Deadman Inferno (2015/Japan)


Only comedian Shinagawa Hiroshi can seamlessly combine comedy, zombies, gangsters, action, and clever dialog in one crazy fun flick. Deadman Inferno enlists the talents of an ensemble cast led by Aikawa Sho, Tsurumi Shingo, and Kimura Yuichi. Many of the cast themselves are comedians, so the delivery of the dialog is entertaining and on point.

A new mixture of drugs have made its way onto Z Island, transforming its first user into a zombie. He infects more, creating a horde that sees the inhabitants of the small island as huge buffet. One of these people is a gangster just released from prison (Tsurumi), who along with his friends ferry onto the island in search of his daughter. He is joined by the typical motley crew of survivors, including other gangsters, a police officer, perverted doctor, wild high school girl, and more.

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