REVIEW: Oppai Volleyball (2009)

A junior high school teacher promises the boys volleyball club that if they work hard and win, they can see her boobs.

By Raymond Arcega
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Oppai Volleyball

Original Title: おっぱいバレー
Year: 2009
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Genres: Sports, Comedy
Director: Hasumi Eiichiro

Miss Terashima (Ayase Haruka) is a newly transferred teacher at Tobata junior high school. She is assigned to be the supervisor of the school’s boys volleyball club. However, the boys she is put in charge of are slackers who spend practice time peeping at girls.


Anxious to find some kind of motivation for the boys, Miss Terashima preaches that if they put their minds to something they can accomplish anything. Being the perverts that they are, they propose the idea that if they start to work hard and win a game, that they will earn a chance to see Miss Terashima’s oppai, or boobs. Shocked and speechless at the proposal, the boys take it as a “yes” and get overjoyed with excitement.

Yep, the boys in Oppai Volleyball are pretty damn ridiculous, but not in a bad way. It’s amazing how perverted these boys can be while still being full of glee and innocence. And then we realize that only Japan can really pull this off. The boys go about their perverted ways in stride with no shame at all.

A perfect example of this is the opening scene. The boys experiment with “boobie sense” – the idea that involves how fast one needs to ride their bike downhill before reaching their hands to the sky and squeezing the wind, and the size of boobs it feels like one is holding by doing so.


The boys are perverted, but rather than being disgusting and desperate like ones found in a lot of Hollywood sex comedies, they are cute, naive, and hilarious. Full of energy and smiles, don’t be surprised if their enthusiasm rubs off on you, and you start shouting the word “oppai” repeatedly to keep up the tempo while running. Their enthusiasm even rubs off on Miss Terashima, who keeps using her goodies as motivation for the boys, and that’s where a lot of the charm in the film comes from.

Ayase Haruka plays her role as the woeful Miss Terashima with conviction. She’s convincing, and amazingly adorable, as the teacher who is pressured by her carefree students into agreeing to something she doesn’t want to do, but at the same time is hesitant to say no because she loves the positive change it’s bringing out of them. She delivers with such pizzazz that when she says “These oppai aren’t only mine…they’re everyone’s dream”, you might find yourself invested and joining the underdog fight for boobies.


The reason Miss Terashima’s allows herself to fall into her perverted students’ schemes is because of an incident that happened in the past. Without going into too much detail. Let’s just say it involved her betraying the trust of her students at a former school. Determined not to make the same mistake again, she does what she can to live up to the trust and dependency her boys have in her.

Of course, the further she rolls with it, the line between honor and duty becomes quite jagged, and the thin ice starts to crack. But before the inevitable shattering, the film does an interesting job and diverting our attention, instead focusing on the carefreeness of youth and the many laughs had at the mention of booby jokes. As they say, it’s all fun and games in the beginning.


The film doesn’t venture into risqué territory as its title may make one assume. There aren’t any uncomfortable instances of sexual harassment or promiscuity, or the type of sequence of events that would most likely be seen in a porno. If one can get over the amount of oppai chanting and laugh at boys being boys, the true spirit of the film can be enjoyed.

Indeed Oppai Volleyball has the word “volleyball” in it, so we can expect to see some sports action. However, unlike most underdog sports films, it isn’t really the central focus. Other films have the underdog build up a sort of rivalry with another character or team. In this film, there is no such rival.


Conversely, Oppai Volleyball‘s center is Miss Terashima’s path of being a teacher and the bond she has with her boys. The story does build up to a climactic match of sorts, but with different circumstances surrounding it. It’s refreshing in a sense because we see an underdog not only in the boys, but also in their teacher.

A film full of ridiculous boys being ridiculous, Oppai Volleyball manages to use a concept that had the potential to turn the film into a teenage sex comedy. However, it steered far from that path, instead delivering a light-hearted comedy with humorous booby jokes and underdogs who you’ll want to see pull through in the end.

Watch this film…

…to have a good laugh at junior high school boys who love boobies.

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