The icons of J-Horror: The Ring vs. Ju On

We break down two iconic Japanese horror movies in our The Ring vs. Ju On piece.

By Jason Yu
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Ever seen the Japanese long hair lady dressed in white before?

Chances are, you’ve probably have, even if you detest Japanese horror movies. The iconic lady in white was popularized by two movie franchises: The Ring and Ju On.

While there is an actual The Ring vs. Ju On movie called Sadako vs. Kayako, in this article we’ll be pitting the two movie franchises instead. (But in case you’re later curious, here’s our review of Sadako vs. Kayako.)

Read on to see our comparisons of the two franchises, then watch our video reviews to see our take on the respective series. Ray will be representing The Ring and the TV-crawling Sadako, while Jason will be on the side of Ju On and the stair-crawling Kayako.

Time to get the The Ring vs. Ju On battle started!

The Ring (Ray)

Imagine watching a cursed tape, then finding out you have seven days to show someone else that same tape. Or die by a TV-crawling Sadako a week later.

This is the story of The Ring. First appearing in 1998, the film series spans seven movies — not including Ring: Kanzenban and including Sadako vs. Kayako.

By watching Ray’s in-depth review below, you’ll learn…

  • A general overview of The Ring movies
  • A breakdown of each of the six Ring movies
  • Who is Sadako
  • Why The Ring is one of the most iconic Asian horror series
  • What was good and bad about each Ring movie

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Ju On (Jason)

What would you do if you stepped inside a cursed house and started seeing and hearing strange noises?

In the world of Ju On, you’re already screwed. No matter what you do, the ghosts will follow you, even outside of the cursed house you once entered.

Uh oh!

By watching Jason’s in-depth review below, you’ll learn…

  • An overview of the Ju On series
  • Who is Kayako
  • What features does Ju On do so well
  • What were some of the major flaws of the series
  • The symbolism found in the movie through its characters

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What’s your take on The Ring vs. Ju On?

After watching our video review, which series do you think is better? That’s actually up to you to decide. But whichever series you watch (or both), you’ll be in for some scares and frightening moments.

Lastly, what’s your take on our video reviews? Do you agree or disagree with us? We’d love to hear from you, so let us know in the comments below!

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