VIDEO REVIEW: I am a Hero (2016)

Ever wanted to see a gripping, thrilling zombie movie with an awesome shotgun scene (or two) in it? Then I am a Hero will satisfy your zombie needs.

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Ever picked a random movie — a zombie film at that — you had no clue about and it happened to be good?

I am a Hero is one such film.

Based on a manga, I am a Hero follows a 34 year-old manga artist, Hideo. With his relationship faltering, his girlfriend kicks him out of the house. It’s safe to say that Hideo’s life is looking bad.

However, just when his life could get no worse, a huge zombie breakout called ZQN hits Tokyo. Hideo must survive this zombie outbreak and see if he can save his friends and family.

Ray was impressed after seeing the film, as there’s a lot to like about the movie. From his movie review above, why out why…

  • The actors did well in this film
  • Why the zombies are done well in this movie
  • Why the zombies all have different, awesome characteristics on their past life
  • Tokyo looks good, even in a zombie breakout
  • The Hideo-shotgun scene is so epic

As one of the more hyped, big Japanese films in 2016, I am a Hero was a big winner in Ray’s eyes. Could it make his Top 10 Japanese movies of 2016?

What’s your take?

Now over to you. If you’re living in Japan and seen the movie or want to see the film, we’d love to hear to your take in the comments below. And if you read the manga, it’d be great to hear your viewpoint.

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