VIDEO REVIEW: My Sassy Girl (2001)

We take a look at one of the most iconic Korean movies that made the word “sassy” popular: My Sassy Girl.

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Ever dated a sassy girl before?

You know, the one that was a bit different than your normal, typical girl. She’s a bit strange, wild, and aggressive towards their significant other.

While sassy girls have been around for ages, the term here in Asia was popularized by one movie: My Sassy Girl.

As soon as the film came out back in 2001, it made an immediate impact in Asia. The film has not only made the term sassy known throughout Asia, but also launched Jun Ji-hyun‘s career to new heights.

My Sassy Girl will make you relive your high school days.

My Sassy Girl will make you relive your high school days.

Here’s a snippet of what our review has:

  • What is a sassy girl
  • Why nearly any guy will like this movie… even if they hate romantic movies
  • How My Sassy Girl touches on so many themes… and connects them very well
  • Why this movie’s OST is considered a classic
  • A horrible sequel not to watch
  • Why this movie is a must-watch

And another reason you should watch My Sassy Girl that didn’t make it into the video. You’ll think of relationships, time capsules, and your first love differently after seeing this touching film.

Watch our video review of My Sassy Girl and see how Cha Tae-hyun deals with his sassy girl, Jun Ji-hyun.

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