VIDEO REVIEW: Windstruck (2004)

We look at Jun Ji-hyun’s follow up to the iconic My Sassy Girl three years later, Windstruck.

By Jason Yu
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We look at one of Jun Ji-hyun’s most famous movies: Windstruck. This action, drama, romantic comedy is loved by many drama and movie fans.

Following the mega-hit movie, My Sassy Girl, three years earlier in 2001, Windstruck was hyped before its debut. It was known back then as one of the spiritual successors to My Sassy Girl.

But is it as good as Jun Ji-hyun’s signature movie: My Sassy Girl? And does Windstruck meet the hype that many fans heap on it? Or is it overrated?

Here’s a snippet of what our review has:

  • Why the movie is considered having four genres
  • What are the four genres in the movie
  • Why this film has some similarities to the movie Dirty Harry
  • How is the chemistry between Jang Hyuk and Jun Ji-hyun
  • Why the movie makes a dramatic shift from the first half to the second half
  • And last, is Windstruck overrated?

Check out our review on the film and let us know what you think.

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